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Onduline North America supplies ONDUVILLA, ONDURA, and TUFTEX products for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications.


The ONDUVILLA® roofing system is a new alternative to asphalt shingles. ONDUVILLA has a lifetime limited warranty and delivers the same weather protection as asphalt shingles. The advantage of ONDUVILLA is the attractive and distinctive appearance it provides which contributes to the overall grandeur of a home.

The ONDURA® corrugated roofing sheets and tiles offer a lightweight and attractive solution for do-it-yourself roofing projects. ONDURA is made with a tough organic fiber core that is completely infused with asphalt as the weather resistant barrier. This scientifically developed composite material has been optimized and used in the United States for more than 30 years. ONDURA is available in several baked-on, earth-tone colors to meet a variety of aesthetic needs.

The TUFTEX® line of polycarbonate and vinyl building panels offer all-weather protection for greenhouses, carports, patios, sun porches, deck covers, deck drains and many more home improvement projects. TUFTEX panels also deliver advantages over metal panels in light commercial and agribusiness applications. TUFTEX panels are 10 to 20 times stronger than comparable fiberglass panels. The TUFTEX line includes TUFTEX SeaCoaster™, TUFTEX UltraVinyl™, TUFTEX PolyCarb™, TUFTEX DeckDrain™, TUFTEX Poly-Lite™, and TUFTEX Ridge-Lite™.

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Example Applications

10 ways to use Onduline
10 ways to use Onduline


  1. Gray ONDURA Sheets on boathouse
  2. Red ONDURA Sheets on dog house
  3. Brown ONDURA Sheets on chicken coop
  4. Red ONDURA Tiles on tool shed
  5. Green TUFTEX Sea Coaster on firewood cover
  6. Tan TUFTEX UltraVinyl on carport
  7. Opaque White TUFTEX UltraVinyl on deck covering
  8. Clear TUFTEX PolyCarb on greenhouse
  9. Tan TUFTEX DeckDrain under deck
  10. Slate Gray ONDUVILLA on house

Onduline North America manufactures corrugated roofing products in several styles and colors to protect your property.


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