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Onduline North America

Onduline North America, Inc., founded in Virginia in 1976, is a manufacturer of roofing materials and building products in the United States. Onduline North America’s brands include ONDUVILLA®, ONDURA®, TUFTEX®, and RIDGELINE®.

Onduline North America is a member of the international Onduline Group.

The Onduline Group

The Onduline Group is a global leader in innovative residential and commercial roofing products with headquarters in Paris, France, and 70 years of industry experience. Onduline's lightweight roofing materials are used worldwide for many residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial applications. Onduline has operations on 5 continents with 10 production sites and 45 subsidiaries.

The Onduline production sites are located at:

Brazil: Juiz de Fora
France: Comines
France: Yainville
Malaysia: Penang
Poland: Mielec
Russia: Nizhny Novgorod
Spain: Gallarta
Spain: Orduna
Turkey: Sapança
USA: Fredericksburg, VA

Onduline Corporate Headquarters

For more information about the Onduline Group, please go to the corporate website.

At Onduline, we encourage the commitment of all Onduline colleagues to quality and continuous improvement. Please read our Quality Policy Statement from our CEO.


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